Monday, September 26, 2011

rolling camera and....ACT NATURAL

So we were chosen by a cable TV show for a kitchen makeover.  This is phenomenal for a number of reasons the least of which being that we are getting brand new appliances for free.  It has been a crazy place around this house for the past several days, some of it has been fun, some of it....well not so fun.  The crew could not be nicer, so we've been as accommodating as possible to their requests.  We've been smiling and talking, painting and sanding, and acting like a normal American family, and now, well, I'd really love to get to the part where I'm standing all by myself in my freshly painted kitchen staring at my shiny new appliances that are humming away and feeling like "well that wasn't so bad."  That part is coming soon I hope.  But right now, the big Sears truck just pulled into the driveway, three separate times for the camera.  Hope they got the shot.

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