Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Halloween 2010 - it's a wrap

So, Halloween was a complete success - complete with cold windy weather, Claudia had to wear a turtle neck underneath her leotard and sweatpants under her tutu - both pink of course, Alicia was an eager trick-or-treating cow, and Alex was a very cool and studly Storm Trooper.  I absolutely love Halloween for so many reasons, but not as an adult, as in: I can't wait to dress up as a tarty school girl/nurse/cop/bar maid/witch/you name it, but as in, I cherish the nostalgia of it for my kids sake.  It is a magical time of freedom and maturation for them.  I believe this.  Our friends saw us and chided that we didn't bother to dress up and of course I just smiled and said some line about yeah, not this year, blah blah blah, but truthfully, I could care less about dressing up - it's my kid's turn to be kids and have the fun.  I'm happy just to take in the senses - the cold air, the sun dipping down, the stupid decorations that people bother to put up around their front doors.  It's all community fun.  Anyway, I'm proud of myself for giving my kids a great Halloween this year with decorations, pumpkin carving, seed toasting etc... having my aunt here made it that much more special to share the time with. 
And now, it's November....